Check Your Company Registration Status in India?

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Check Your Company Registration Status in India?

Master Data from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) assists businesses in verifying certifications. In 2006, the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) project of the Government of India digitized the business registration process and paperwork. It is now easier than ever to find information about a company registered in India thanks to the internet. 

You can find out about a business by first logging into a search engine (e.g., Google). If you already have access to the search engine, you can search for businesses by typing their full or partial names into the address bar. 

A listed company in India can be found by searching the MCA Master Data (Ministry of Corporate Affairs):

  • Corporate Identification Number (CIN)
  • Name of Firm
  • Registrar of Company (ROC) Identification Number
  • Registrar of Company (ROC) Details
  • Firm Category (Limited-by-shares, limited-by-guarantee, and unlimited-by-shares companies)
  • Firm Sub Category (Indian Government Company/Indian Non-Governmental Company)
  • A Firm’s classification (public /private)
  • Authorized Capital of Firm
  • Paid-up Registered Capital of the Firm
  • Registration Date
  • Status of Contact Address
  • Email Listing
  • Date of Recent Annual General meeting
  • Due Date of Balance sheet

A guide to forming a company

  • Investigating the status of a company’s incorporation
  • Your internet-connected device should open a search engine;
  • You can find information about MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) on its website;
  • Then click the View Business drop-down menu under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) services tab;
  • When you are finished typing the three letters of the business name, click the Search button.
  • Along with the letters filed, a list of business names will be presented. Select the Company Firm Name page by copying the Corporate Identification Number (CIN);
  • If you know the Corporate Identification Number (CIN), enter it in the column as Business CIN;
  • Enter the company’s Corporate Identification Number (CIN). Type the numeric code in the box. Click “Submit”;
  • That’s it. You will get the necessary details about the firm’s incorporation on the screen.
  • Status of the Firm

Due to the legislature’s role as a part of the federal government and businesses’ importance as a source of revenue for India, they are seeking to simplify corporate laws. It is important for an Indian citizen to be mindful of post-registration compliance, which is crucial for a business because non-compliance by the authorities could result in legal action.

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