Complaints can be filed online or over the phone

The following article will explain how to file a complaint with a consumer court if you take a legal approach. You need to keep a few things in mind when submitting a complaint.

Can anyone file a complaint?

Consumer Court claims can be brought by the following people or entities:

  • If the following criteria are met, then a person is a consumer:
  • A person has bought something or used a service in exchange for something of value.
  • The items must have been purchased for personal use rather than to sell or make money from them.
  • Under the Companies Act of 1956 or any other law, any organization formed solely for the benefit of its members
  • Federal and state governments
  • Shared interests among customers

In the event of a death of the consumer, the consumer’s legal heir or representative will inherit the property.

Assume that all of the following elements are present. If so, the consumer, his legal successor or representative, or a volunteer consumer association can submit a complaint about online shopping.

The following conditions should be met:

  • There is still time to bring a lawsuit;
  • A complaint must be filed by a sane, financially sound, and legally capable individual.

It is only possible to file complaints on behalf of “Consumers” who meet the criteria of their rights. Complaints about ecommerce refer to any written statements by the complainant.

How can a complaint be filed?

A trade practice that is unethical

Profit is the ultimate goal of any firm. There are, however, unfair practices in the marketplace, including fraud, misrepresentation of prices, and other infractions. Municipal authorities are prohibited from erecting warning signs while the road is being constructed, which is a broad term. In addition, a private contractor failed to cover a maintenance hole, which resulted in an accident. Any customer who experiences unfair commercial conduct can register a consumer complaint as a result.

Food falsification

By tampering with food to lower quality and raise prices, a violation of the Indian Penal Code is committed. Mixing salt with sawdust or ghee with dalda is one example. Even impurities in medications are unfair consumer practices. Adulteration threatens both life and consumption. Public awareness of food adulteration is essential.

Weighing and measuring in the shortest time possible

In most cases, general stores defraud their customers by underweighing their products. On the scale, the goods appear to weigh 1 kg, but they actually weigh 800 grams. Taking advantage of consumers in this way poses a threat to their interests.

Data that is false and misleading

Today’s technologically advanced world allows us to find anything and everything online. Buying items online has many drawbacks, one of which is that sellers may mislead customers by providing misleading information. The Consumer Protection Act also covers online scams due to its broad scope.

Non-compliance with commitments

To uphold a promise, a corporation must first make a promise of its own. Guarantees are nice, but if they can’t keep up with the agreement, it can lead to complaints, distrust, and customers switching to competitors.

Customers who are dissatisfied

Incompetent customer service personnel keep consumers waiting for extended periods before they can resolve problems, which is a sign of poor customer service. It is occasionally difficult for representatives to answer specific questions or resolve specific concerns. Customers complain when their problems cannot be resolved.


What is the deadline for a consumer to file a complaint?

An individual or volunteer consumer association can file a complaint if all of the following elements are met.

  • Unethical or restricted business practices by the service provider.
  • Purchased or agreed to purchase defective goods;

Whether hired, availed of, or agreed upon, there is a deficiency in the service provided.

  • Overcharging for goods or services above the legal minimum price, the package price, the published price list, or as otherwise agreed upon;
  • Trade in hazardous goods or services that can harm life and safety, provided the trader is aware of their dangers.

A good complaint needs to be backed up with the following documents:

  • Keep track of your purchases with invoices, shipping receipts, packing labels, and online booking records.
  • A letter of complaint and notice was sent to the seller/manufacturer

Use the National Consumer Helpline’s website or app to file a complaint in a consumer court. Follow the instructions step-by-step.

NCH Website: How to Complain About a Retailer

  • Start by visiting the website of the National Consumer Helpline.
  • Register or sign in
  • It’s straightforward to sign up if you haven’t already; fill out the form, choose a password, and enter an OTP to confirm your identity.
  • The next step is to select the type of grievance you wish to pursue.

Complaints from Consumers

If you have a question or complaint about a product or service you received for money, this option is for you. Airlines, banking, automobiles, DTH, electricity, online shopping, FMCG, electronics, educational institutions, and real estate are a few examples. Various grievance types, locations, industries, and company names can be selected using the drop-down menu. Any supporting documentation should be included along with a detailed description of the issue.


When you’ve had a harmful or undesirable experience with a product or service you’ve purchased, you can register a consumer complaint. You will be notified via email when your complaint has been received and processed. If you need help with filing any complaints, you can contact Vakilsearch.


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