Corporate Tax Rates in India How to Know Your levies?

The Indian frugality survives on the levies like income, wealth, and capital earnings that we pay yearly. also, corporate tax is also one of the most significant levies the corporate houses must pay annually to the government of India. But what’s a corporate tax? What are corporate tax rates in India for the fiscal times 21- 22? We’ll learn in detail about the significance of corporate tax and the current tax rates.

What’s a Corporate tax?

Corporate tax is a direct tax levied on the gains earned by a company in a particular period. Further, the tax rates are levied grounded on different gains earned by the corporate house or company. It’s farther decided grounded on the earnings earned by the company after essential deductions like deprecation are taken into account. also, tax is a form of income tax levied on income earned by businesses. Like other countries, India has a set of rules that apply to trying income.

farther, India levies the tax on corporate houses grounded on the types of corporate which the existent’s company belongs. There are two types of companies in India. Domestic, wherein the company is a foreign company that’s controlled and managed by India as per the Companies Act of 1956. Next is the foreign pot, wherein the company is of foreign origin, and some of its control and operation is done outside India.

significance of Tax planning

tax planning is original to strategizing fiscal business affairs, maximising profit, and minimising outstanding tax. Further, they also help in furnishing benefits like deductions, rebates, and immunity. tax operation can be parlous when it involves a considerable quantum of plutocrat at stake. But if you hire a professional for handling the taxation process, also they will help in taking care of the entire process without incurring the loss of the huge quantum of plutocrat that’s invested.

In India, there are colorful legal- fiscal enterprises that give discussion and farther insure the proper perpetration of the corporate tax rate in india. utmost of all, assessment and total mindfulness about the tax laws in India and their matching rules and regulations also help in healthy tax planning.

Company tax rates

Company tax rates for domestic companies

Range of IncomeRate of taxUpto 400 crores gross turnover25Gross development exceeding Rs 400 crore30

Cargo rates

ParticularsDomestic companies tax ratesTotal income range between Rs 1 crore and Rs 10 crore7 per rate of tax aboveTotal income range exceeding Rs 10 crore12 per rate of tax

Company tax rates for foreign companies

Nature of IncomeRate of taxRoyalty or freights entered for any specialized services from the government or an Indian concern as per agreements before April 1,,50 Any other kind of income40

Cargo rates

Particulars Foreign companies tax ratesTotal income range between Rs 1 crore and Rs 10 crore2 as per the rate of taxTotal income range exceeding Rs 10 crore5 as per the rate of tax

Top Company tax refunds

tax provides colorful tax refunds or rebates. They are

Domestic company companies help abate tips from other domestic companies.

One of the most important tax rebates is that it helps domestic companies abate tips from other companies. Further, the most critical provision comes under the benefits of tax refunds.

The company tax refunds are applicable to venture into finances and capital enterprises investments.

Another area where companies can mileage of tax refunds is to venture into investments of finances and capital enterprises. With the help of tax refunds, corporate houses can venture into investing finances and further into capital enterprises.

Deductions allowed in exports and undertakings.

The following most important tax rebates you can mileage yourself of from tax refunds are for exports and undertakings. When the company undergoes the exporting process and undertakings, it can mileage of tax deductions.

New structure and power sources can also mileage company tax refunds.

Another tax refund you can mileage of is when you invest in new structure and power sources. After all, when you venture into new structure and power sources, tax payments for the same are enough much a headache.

Company tax rebate also helps business losses with vittles to carry the same for a outside of 8 times.

One of the most important benefits of a tax refund is that it helps business losses that have vittles to carry over the same for a outside of 8 times. also, it lessens the impacts of business losses and continues to do the same for eight times.

Interests, capital earnings, and tips are subtracted along with tax rebates.

piecemeal from the tax rebates for the houses, interests, capital earnings, and tips are also subtracted. This reduces the redundant expenditure that houses can face while payment of interests, capital earnings, tips, and levies.

therefore, these are the tax rebates refunds the corporate houses can claim under the tax.


Overall, tax rates and farther tax are essential for developing any country’s frugality, including India. also, tax rates are decided grounded on the types of companies an individual owns. Be it domestic or foreign corporate houses. utmost of all, tax planning is nothing but strategizing the fiscal business affairs, maximising the company’s profit, and minimising its burden of tax arrears.

Eventually, with the help of professional tax advisers like Vakilsearch, companies can gain tax rebates like deduction of tips of other companies, adventure into investments of finances and capital enterprises, exports and undertakings, new structure and power sources, business losses, and deductions in interests, capital earnings, and tips. Incipiently, tax rates in India depend upon the type of company they enjoy. Further, all of us need to know your pot tax rates in detail according to your type of company.

Hence, corporate levies and its rate are essential for you to know, in case you’re planning to start a corporate company in India.


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