Do I Need a Trade License to Register for GST?

Trade Licenses: What Are They?

An organization or individual can conduct business with the help of a trade license, which is essentially a permit or certificate. State governments or municipal bodies often issue this license to municipalities. With this license, the applicant can operate a business in a specific territory. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the license’s conditions.

According to the level of risk posed by the business, licenses are categorized into the following categories:

Level of Low Risk

This type of license would be available to any type of business that does not pose a high risk. These licenses are usually obtained by restaurants and other types of eateries.

Level of Medium Risk

Most of these licenses are issued to small and medium-sized businesses.

Level of High Risk

Large-scale businesses and industries typically receive this kind of permit. Businesses dealing with hazardous materials and substances usually face a significant threat. These premises usually have more monitoring restrictions than low and medium risk licenses.

Trade Licenses Are Issued by Whom?

Government or municipal agencies can only issue this type of license. The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is the authority required to grant licenses for restaurants in Bangalore, for example. The registration process would need to be completed on their

Mandating a Trade License Is Necessary

  • Tracking the activities of a company. This license allows a local government to determine if a business is breaking any laws or causing a societal nuisance.
  • When a company receives such a license, it means it operates according to the government’s rules.
  • An environmental friendly substance must be used in the conduct of operations within a given area to obtain this type of permit. The use of hazardous and other chemical compounds is prohibited on residential and municipal bonds.
  • In order to operate with this type of license, a business must take the required steps. The local or state government also requires businesses holding this license to follow the criteria consistently.
  • To prevent an individual municipality or locality from engaging in anticompetitive behavior. Residential properties are not used by businesses for conducting business.

Does Gst Registration Require a Trade License?

No, that’s the short answer. In addition to GST registration, a trade license is required to operate a business within a particular municipality. A trade license is not required to register under GST, but GST enrollment does not preclude one from obtaining one.

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