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What is LMPC Certificate?

Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity, or LMPC, is part of the Legal Metrology Act 2009, and the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodity) Rules 2011.

The Legal Metrology Department requires registration of importers of pre-packaged commodities under the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodity) Rules, 2011.

Packing the product on the production site is defined as prepackaging

A LMPC Certificate is required by 99 percent of Indian importers. However, despite its importance, little knowledge of this requirement exists. It is only through government websites that the government is aware of this certificate, but those websites are seldom updated.

How does LMPC registration work?

Now let’s discuss the products that are subject to LMPC or Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity rules. Legal Metrology oversees all products that are imported, manufactured, and/or packaged.

The LMPC categorizes these products into two categories, each falling under a different provision:

  • Products for weighing and measuring
  • Non-weights and measurements

The LMPC provisions apply to weights and measuring products. These rules determine the quality and accuracy of these products.

LMPC Provisions apply to non-weights and measures products. Packaging declarations are defined by them for manufacturers, importers, and packers.

A LMPC certificate allows a product to be imported, manufactured, and packed. An LMPC certificate is only issued if your product meets all the requirements of the LMPC regulations.

LMPC for non-weights and measuring products

What types of products are not used for weighing or measuring? Other than that. You can touch it if it’s tangible – LMPC is responsible for it. In the introduction of this article, we asserted that manufacturers in India must obtain LMPC certificates for 99% of products imported.

The following information must be included on the product package as per the requirement:

  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Product’s MRP
  • Manufacturing / importing year and month
  • The ingredient
  • The net quantity
  • Contact information
  • Customer care Email ID

For the manufacturers/importers/packers to make the above declaration, LMPC determines the font, font size, and dimensions of the display pane.

What is the process for obtaining an LMPC certificate in India?

To obtain an LMPC certificate in India, follow these steps:

  • Get the application form from the Legal Metrology Department
  • The following documents should be gathered along with the application form:
    • Proof of identification
    • Proof of address
    • Licenses related to the product
    • Licence for manufacturing
    • Code for imports and exports
    • Sample Display Pane: This shows where the product information will appear on your packages.
  • The documents and application should be submitted to the Legal Metrology Department
  • After your application and documents are evaluated positively, you will receive LMPC certification.


There are two options for obtaining an LMPC certificate for import. You can either go online and look at complicated information about the certification requirements and attempt to follow them yourself. You can also contact our consultant. They can help you without you having to lift a finger.

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