Here’s How You Can Renew Your Spice Board Registration Without Hassle.

Registration and Renewing on Spice Boards:-

Its mission is to promote and develop Indian spices around the world through the Spices Board of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the government of India.

The board connects Indian spice exporters with foreign distributors. In addition, the Spices Board is a driving force behind Indian Spices’ activities and accomplishments in every area of this sector. To renew Spice Board registration, you can also contact an authorized mediator or dealer.

It is the Spices Board’s responsibility to promote Indian spices on the international market on behalf of the government of India. After acquiring the Spices Export Promotion Council of 1960 and the Cardamom Board of 1968, the organization was formed in 1987.

As part of the Spices Board Act, 1986, the board is responsible for overseeing the development of cardamom, as well as 52 other spices.

Further, the panel of directors is responsible for awarding credentials to individuals or persons seeking to work with spices. A CRES is also issued by the Spice Board under Section 11 of the Spice Board Act of 1986.

Documents Required for Registration With the Spice Board

  • In order to obtain a Certificate of Registration as a Spice Exporter in India, the following information is recommended:
  • Section 12 of the Spices Board Registration of Exporters Regulation, 1989 specifies the format of applications, namely Form-I.
  • The Import-Export IE Code Certificate must be self-attest Ed
  • Registration fees should be paid by crossed demand drafts payable to “Spice Board and Request”.
  • A self-certified copy of the Partnership Agreement or Memorandum of Association MOA, as applicable
  • An applicant’s PAN card requires self-attestation 
  • GST registration certificates that have been self-certified 
  • The Directorate of Industries requires a self-attested certificate from candidates exporting manufactured spices 
  • Your company’s CEO or designated officer’s passport photo

Spice Board Registration: Why it’s Important

It is important to register with the Spice Board so you can work with the government and other groups to ensure the health of our community.

Registrating your products ensures that they are safe for consumption and have been tested by experts. If your current offerings are lacking, you can also get advice on improving them or finding new ones. GST number checks can also be done online by experts.

For any company or merchant dealing with spices, a Spices Board Certificate of Registration is required.

Moreover, the Spices Board Act of 1986 prohibits the establishment or continuation of a company that exports spices under and in compliance with a license after its enactment.

If a applicant has applied for this credential within the stated three-month period before disposition of the proposal and has been involved in exporting spices before the enactment.

Studies on spices, the growth of high spices, and the regulation of domestic cardamom advertising are all aided by this organization.

  • Post-harvest enhancement of all spices 
  • Spice manufacturing, handling, and certification according to organic standards 
  • In the North East, spices are being evaluated and expanded
  • Ensures high standards and quality of assessment services
  • Providing assistance with innovation, reliability, brand building, and design and development for all spices for export
  • By doing so, the company hopes to avoid a one-year prison sentence and a fine of up to a thousand rupees.

The Process of Obtaining a Spice Exporter’s Certificate

  • To obtain your Spice Exporter Certificate (CRES), simply follow these instructions.
  • Form 1, the prescribed type for exporters, must be submitted by the applicant. Additionally, the applicant must pay the recommended fees and any taxes due to Spices Board, Ernakulam, by demand draft An exporter of manufactured goods: ₹15,000/- 
  • 10,000/- for merchant exporters
  • A board may reject an application if it is not in the prescribed form or contains incomplete information. In addition, the fees paid to the board are non-refundable
  • In addition to the application, a bank certificate or reference regarding the applicant’s financial situation should be attached 
  • If the regulating authority inspects everything and finds it correct, it will issue the applicant a notice with exporting in Form A.

The Restoration of the Spice Exporter Certificate

Upon the beginning of the block time frame, the registration certificate is valid for three years. Form-1 must be filled out and presented to the authority by anyone who wants to refresh their Exporter Certificate.

If anyone fails to renew their license before it expires, they are liable each month. Beginning in 2018, Spice Board registration renewal fees will be the same as new application fees.

Furthermore, applications submitted after August 31st will not be accepted by the authorized signatory. If an exporter does not renew their license or registration, they must apply for a new license or registration.

Additionally, it is available to exporters who cannot conduct export business while holding a certificate; in such cases, the renewal of a certificate as an exporter for the next three years will not be considered.

The Spices Board can issue a new certificate to an exporter if he enters into an export agreement.


A strong central regulation of spices is necessary, but registering with the Spice Board is a time-consuming and exhausting process.

A number of e-services have been implemented by the government since 2013 to simplify the registration certificate process. To standardize the process and reduce the workload, web forms are essential.


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