How to Change Registered Office Address?

Changing the address of an establishment’s listed office is a complex task that involves multitudinous lawfulness, since it’s where all the authorized reports and other important information associated with the establishment are transferred. In addition to the registered department, an establishment may also have a commercial office, administrative office, quarter office, and a manufacturing factory. 

Proponents of the establishment finalize the area and position of the registered department. It’s needed to register the listed office with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs( MCA). After a registered headquarters is blazoned via INC 22, any changes in the listed office must be informed to the ROC. 

Reason for Registered Office Address Change

Stakeholders and the board of directors can decide where the company’s listed office will be located for a variety of reasons. 

Sometimes, there may be a need to move the registered department from one position to another. This is the only explanation needed. 

  • When a business grows fleetly and its current position doesn’t suit its office area and structure, it should shift its listed office address. 
  • Rent another office in a better position if the company’s parcel is about to expire and it’s planning to move away at the parcel expiration date 
  • Changing the listed office of a establishment for the purpose of employment development is recommended when expanding the business. 
  • There will be a change in the enrolled office address if another establishment buys out your establishment. 

Changing a Company’s Listed Office Requires Certain Documents

At the time of objectification, the ROC should be informed of the listed office of the establishment. insure that the following documents are submitted to the ROC 

  •  Bills for gas and electricity 
  •  Damage for possession duty 
  •  The listed office proprietor is needed to give a NOC 
  •  proprietor- establishment parcel agreement 

On the electricity/ gas/ possession duty damage, please make sure that the name and address you have handed are the same as those on the NOC damage entered from the proprietor. 

Likewise, a installation under construction can not serve as a listed office for a company. Despite the fact that it isn’t anticipated that a listed office is declared as a retail or artificial commodity, domestic goods can also be declared as registered services. 

How to Change the Listed Office of a Private Limited Company Within the Same State

A private limited company listed director’s address can differ from one area to another within the boundaries of the same state by using the ensuing system 

  • The board conducts a conference and makes a decision 
  • From the time the determination is started, the aspirant must file
  • form INC- 22 with the Registrar of Companies( ROC). 

 The INC- 22 Requires the Following Documents 

  • The address of the registered headquarters as of the most recent date 
  • Not aged than two months’ gas and electric bills 
  • The NOC must be associated with the landlord’s address. 

Steps to Change The Registered Office 

There are two ways in which the private limited company has to follow protocol when it wants to move its listed office so that it can be located outside the governance of the being megacity, city, or vill 

  • An redundant ordinary general meeting( EGM) date, day, time, and outlet are determined during a board conference 
  • In the Extraordinary General Meeting, a conclusion is legislated heeding the registered office address change
  • Attestation of Form MGT- 14 is demanded within 30 days after the determination has been legislated with the Registrar of Companies( ROC), 

Conditions for Documents 

 MGT- 14 form 

  •  A dupe of the resolution authorised by the president 
  •  Form INC- 22 is proved with the ROC within 15 days of inauguration of the conclusion. 

 INC- 22 form 

  •  Registrar’s address document 
  •  Two months’ worth of mileage bills( no aged than that) 
  •  Collecting the landlord’s NOC 
  •  Resolution of special significance 

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