How to Register a Trademark in India: A Complete Guide

Business is a very competitive field. In order to make your business successful or to start a new venture, it is imperative to secure your business legally and financially. A international trademark registration is an important step to secure a business financially and legally. Trademarks play a vital role in branding and business success, and they enhance the prospects of a business in many ways. A trademark registration service can provide a business with several benefits. Trademark registration services offer the following five advantages.

The Top Five Benefits of Trademark Registration

  • You can secure your business by registering a trademark. A trademark plays an important role in marketing, branding, and goodwill of a business, and its value increases exponentially as the business grows. Using Trademark Registration Services gives you the exclusive right to take legal action against unauthorized use of your trademark
  • Trademark Registration Services boost the business’s trust and goodwill, helping to create permanent customers
  • Your business can grow globally with Trademark Registration Services. With trademark registration in India, you can file a trademark application in Global countries more easily if you are an ambitious entrepreneur.
  • Trademark registration for a business is valid for ten years. After ten years, you only need to pay a reasonable renewal fee.
  • Intellectual property includes trademarks. Trademarks can be sold, assigned, franchised, or licensed.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in India

  • Name of Applicant
  • Type of Business
  • Main Activities of Business
  • Name of Brand/Logo
  • Address

Every business needs a trademark registration. It is highly recommended that you hire a trademark attorney from a top law firm in India if you are looking for trademark registration. We provide high-quality and affordable trademark registration services through our team of dexterous and well-seasoned trademark lawyers.

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