Is a Court Marriage a Good Idea?

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Traditionally, a wedding involves a large crowd, pomp, and show. The newer generation, however, has started doing court marriages because of their simplicity and is refusing to follow this tradition.

Under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, an Indian male and female can marry. The process of getting married in court can be completed in just one day with just three witnesses and a few documents.

Court marriages, however, are still viewed with skepticism by some people due to their disadvantages and advantages. In this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of court marriages in India.

Marriage Process in Court

Marriage registrar prior notice

Before the wedding, you must submit a marriage application to your district’s marriage registrar. A notice of intended marriage can be accessed from the Indian government’s official website or from an office desk.

The witnesses

There must be three adult witnesses present on the day of the appointment as proof of the couple’s identity. 

The Benefits of Court Marriage

Due to their numerous benefits on a societal and a personal level, court marriages are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. 

Process That Is Quick

Unlike a traditional wedding, court marriages do not involve long ceremonies and rituals. If you have all the necessary documents with you, it is a straightforward and quick process that takes a few hours. If you are eligible, you should opt for court marriages in India since they are hassle-free.

An Affordable Option

You will lose a lot of money at an Indian wedding. It is common for people to spend most of their savings on throwing a huge wedding. This is not necessary, however.

There is no pomp and show involved in court marriages in India, as they are simple and elegant. For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a huge wedding, court marriages are a blessing.

Assists in Preventing Social Evils

A large number of social evils are related to marriage in India, including child marriages, forced marriages, and dowries. Court marriages, however, can prevent these social evils.

Marriages in court occur only when both parties agree and it is confirmed that they are marrying of their own free will. As court marriages occur only after both parties confirm their residency and age, they should be promoted.

Ensures Legal Protection

A court marriage has numerous advantages, but one of the most significant is that it is entirely legal, authentic, and secure, as it ensures that couples are eligible to marry and it occurs according to Government of India guidelines.

Brides and grooms must be eligible to marry in order for there to be no illegal marriages.

As court marriages are directly entered into the court registry, women receive enhanced legal benefits, reduced financial bias, and reduced domestic exploitation.

Barriers of Religion and Caste Are Removed

For centuries, the caste system has been a major problem in our country. Although it was introduced into society as a means of improving society, it soon turned into an oppressive and discriminatory system against lower castes.

The restrictions imposed by religion and caste make getting married challenging for many couples. It is therefore best for them to get married in court.

As a result, people from different castes, beliefs, or religions are able to get married without fear of discrimination.

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A Court Marriage’s Disadvantages

There are several advantages to court marriages, but they also have a few disadvantages. 

Witnesses Required

Three adult witnesses are required for court marriages in India. A proof of identity must also be presented by these three witnesses.

When the couple is from different castes or religions, or when the family does not approve of the match, it can be quite challenging to find three adults who are willing to witness their identity. 

A Large Number of Documents

For a court marriage to be solemnized, you must have all the necessary documents. Furthermore, there is a long list of documents that must be submitted. Therefore, finding and submitting all the necessary documents can be quite stressful.

Each document is verified separately after you submit the numerous documents. You could face some serious legal troubles if they find anything wrong with the authenticity of your documents during the document verification process. 

Taking a Long Time

Court marriages require numerous permissions and verification checks from various authorities. A couple may need to wait 30 to 60 days after their first court appearance before getting married.

Court marriages require the couple to wait until the publication of the notice of their marriage. Furthermore, you would have to start over if someone objected to your marriage application. Court marriages, therefore, can sometimes be lengthy.


Clearly, the advantages of court marriages outweigh their disadvantages, as stated in the article above. The disadvantages would not be a problem if you hired an experienced lawyer. If you want to avoid traditional marriage, court marriages are your best option. 

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