Marriage Registration procedures for Christians

India's Court Marriage Process: Six Simple Steps

In India, the Christian marriage act differs from the other marriage statutes. The Christian marriage registration is carried out in accordance with the Indian Christian marriage laws of 1872. The marriage is performed by a church priest, who also provides the marriage certificate.
The marriage can be registered after the ceremony, and the bride and groom must apply for the marriage certificate at the marriage registrar.

Fundamental elements for Christian marriage registration:

Indian Christian marriage registration:

Priest Performs Marriage

The pair seeking marriage registration must already be married. A priest or minister of the church must conduct the wedding ceremony in a church. The pair can then register for marriage online under the Christian Marriage Registration Act.

The Marriage Procedure

When a marriage is to be performed under the act, the couple must be married according to the norms and ceremonies prescribed by the priest or minister. Two witnesses are required, and the notification is sent after two months to make the marriage official. The times are from morning 6 to evening 7 and are carefully adhered to.

Indian Christian Marriage Registration Requirements

Both the husband and wife must be Christians when applying for registration under the Christian Marriage Act. The husband and bride must be 21 years old or older. In addition, the marriage must be performed in the presence of two witnesses who can issue a marriage certificate.

Documents Required for Marriage Registration Under the Act:

  • Fill out the application form; take passport-size photos
  • The Marriage Certificate issued by the Minister or Priest who performed the marriage ceremony,
  • Two pictures of the wedding rites, as well as the wedding invitation; evidence of residence and age of either
  • party to the marriage; and an affidavit authenticating both parties’ mental and marital status.

Make a Pledge in Front of the Register

Before the notice is issued, one of the parties must appear in front of the registrar and make the following pledges:
• There are no problems or impediments in the marriage;
• The permanent residence is close to the registrar’s office; and
• If either the bride or groom is a minor, the father or guardian of that person must consent to the marriage.

Issuing the Notice Certificate

When the promise is accepted and four days have passed since the receipt of the notification, the registrar is given the authority to issue the notice. The notification is given when all of the papers and photographs have been verified.

Marriage Registration Forms

Both the bride and groom must sign the application form in order for the marriage to be registered. Two wedding photos, wedding invitation photos, address and identification proofs for the bride and husband should be included with the application. In addition, the marriage must be recorded at a registrar’s office near the bride’s or groom’s permanent residence. The registrar gives the couple an acknowledgement sheet, which is signed by both parties, the registrar, and the witnesses and is put in the marriage record as proof. After that, the slips for evidence of birth and marriage are presented to the registrar within a month. Marriage registration is a fairly easy and quick process!

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