Online Trademark Registration in Delhi


Trademark registration in Delhi for a company : a trademark is an asset. It is therefore very important to obtain a trademark registration for your company in order to build a strong identity. Continue reading to discover how to do so in the national capital of Delhi.

Trademark Registration

Anyone or any legal entity can register a trademark in New Delhi. It is possible for foreign nationals or entities to register a trademark in New Delhi as well.

In Delhi, trademark registration involves following various steps. A timely response from the government is also required.

Our goal here is to provide a brief introduction to New Delhi’s trademark registration process.

Just follow these steps to register a trademark in Delhi.

  •  First and foremost, you need to conduct a trademark search. Vakilsearch can assist with a comprehensive trademark search through the use of a powerful tool that can locate the mark across numerous classes.
  • In order to file a trademark application, you will need to hire a trademark attorney. For the trademark application to be approved, the applicant must sign Form 48 and TM 1.
  • Once all appears to be in order, the trademark registration is completed by the trademark registrar.
  • A trademark application must be regularly monitored after it has been submitted and is being processed by the government. If any objections are raised, the applicant has 30 days to respond.
  •  If any objections are raised, our experts will handle the resolution of the same on your behalf to ensure that your company’s brand identity is protected immediately.

Trademark registration fees for small businesses, individuals, or startups are ₹ 4500.

Why trademark registration are refused in Delhi

Trademark applications may be denied for the following reasons:

  • If the applicant’s goods or services cannot be distinguished from those of others due to the brand name
  • If it is referring to a certain type, quality, purpose, value, or geographical location
  • When it is regularly used in vernacular languages or in established business procedures
  • that lead to misrepresentation or deception of the public
  • or if it affects the public’s perception of religion, caste, or other issues
  • There is a possibility that it contains scandalous or offensive content that violates public decency
  • As such, if it is deemed illegal under the Emblems and Names Act of 1950,
  • as long as the shape of the product is represented by the emblem.

Vakilsearch provides expert trademark registration services in Delhi.

Before proceeding with the registration process on your own, you can benefit from a free consultation. There are many reasons why professional advice and direction in establishing legally recognised trademarks is essential.

You will save time and energy by seeking professional help. In cases of trademark refusal and objections, only an experienced attorney can offer assistance. If you are looking to register a trademark for your business in Delhi, you must without a doubt contact our reliable and trusted trademark specialists.

We can help you register a trademark in Delhi hassle-free today!

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