Trademark Registration In Hyderabad

Trademark Registration In Hyderabad

On a daily basis, trademarks are being violated by unprotected trademark designs. Without caution and vigilance, you risk losing the exclusive right to use a trademark. 

As a result, you need a team of professionals who can both protect your trademark from being misused as well as guide you on the latest intellectual property updates.

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

  • Trust and Goodwill

Intangible assets for an organization are intellectual property rights, which are protected by trademark registrations. If your trademark is registered, you can sell it, trade it, franchise it, or use it commercially

  • Legal Protection

Registering a trademark gives the proprietor legal protection over the exclusive right to use a trade name or logo. As a result, third-party infringers can be taken to court more easily

  • Unique Identification

You can build a unique brand and identity for your products or services by registering trademarks. Your trademark will not be used by competitors for the same goods or services that you provide.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for Trademark Registration?

In order to protect their products or services, people or companies can apply for trademarks. You must include the applicant’s trademark, name, address, and power of attorney in the request.

Trademark registration is available to the following entities in India.

  • Joint Owners

It is possible for joint owners of any business to apply for a trademark, but both names must appear in the application.

  • Proprietorship Firm

There is no separate legal entity for a sole proprietorship firm, and the person who runs the business is personally liable for its debts. As far as cost, maintenance, and setup are concerned, it is one of the best business forms. In a proprietorship company, a trademark application may be filed under the owner’s name which is different from the company’s name.

  • Partnership Firm

The names of all associates or partners in a partnership company must be considered, up to a maximum of ten, when applying for a trademark. In the case of a second partner, the minor’s guardian must be disclosed.

  • Limited Liability Partnership or LLP

Companies organized as LLPs have their own identities, so they can register trademarks under the name of the LLP. The partners, however, cannot be applicants.

  • Society or Trust

Trusts and societies can both register trademarks as long as the registration is made on their behalf of them. However, the application includes the names of the managing trustee, chairman, and secretary.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

We can apply for trademark registration on your behalf by submitting an authorization letter that is duly approved by you. Our experts will prepare your reports and documents after receiving the authorization letter, apply for registration online, and ensure that the registration fee is paid. 

Vakilsearch provides confirmation of the TM symbol request within 24 hours.

In order to register for a trademark, you must provide the following documents:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Business type
  • Business objectives
  • Brand/logo/slogan name
  • Registration address

Trademark Application Filing Process

Trademark Search

By using a trademark (TM) directory, Vakilsearch can assist in your trademark search. An expert will thoroughly check the trademark logo and brand name to ensure it is not registered under someone else’s name or pending registration. 

Only once it has been found to be unique can an application be filed. Should someone else have already registered your brand or logo, our experts will help you modify it so that your registration will not be lost.

  • Class Selection

It is important to place the application in the correct classification class when applying for registration. You can enrol in an appropriate class with the assistance of our experts. 

As soon as he approves your application, the Registrar will grant you the exclusive right to sell under a specific brand name within a specific sector of the economy. All logos and brand names must be classified according to their nature. 

Class 28 covers, for example, products and services related to sports, games, and toys. You must, therefore, apply under Class 28 if you wish to start a new toy brand.

  • Preparing the Application

You can continue with the application process by supplying Vakilsearch with the author’s letter after our experts have confirmed that your trademark name or logo is unique and can be registered.

This gives our experts the right to register your trademark. It only requires your signature and return. Furthermore, our experts will help you complete the form and keep you informed throughout the registration process.

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