An Overview of Trademark Registration in Bihar

Mistakes to Avoid When Trademarking

Tm registration in india for your business logo or startup brand in Patna, Bihar will be handled by the Trademark Registry, Kolkata office. Trademark Registry, Kolkata Office is required to register all businesses within the jurisdiction mentioned below.

The agricultural sector employs more than 74% of the population in Bihar. As a result of its unique location, Bihar is equidistant from the eastern and northern parts of the country. Across the state, there are over 200,000 km of roads and almost 6700 km of rail tracks. Its strategic importance for industrial growth in the state lies in the Golden Quadrilateral and the Freight Corridor which pass through it.

Bihar currently has 52 industrial areas and mega industrial parks that are fully developed. In Bihar, the major industries are agriculture, textiles, information technology, electronics, and leather products. In addition to thermal power and renewable energy, aquaculture, communications and hospitality, and communications and aquaculture contribute to the growth of the state economy. A joint venture between Alstom and Indian Railways also manufactures electric locomotives in Bihar. 

Trademarks – What Do They Mean?

In the market, a trademark is anything that makes a brand unique, such as a logo, symbol, word, or combination of words, symbols, and numbers. Additionally, a trademark protects a business from competitors using similar names or logos, as registering a trademark deters them from doing so. Furthermore, they help companies establish a comprehensive brand identity by providing customers with a variety of visual cues. 

Eventually, these cues become the brand’s unique selling points, enabling it to gain popularity. Additionally, it enables businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

Startups registered as MSMEs under the Udyog Adhaar Scheme have recently been given a 50% reduction in application fees for registering trademarks in one class.

Trademark Functions

  1. Provides a means of identifying a product or service
  2. Exclusive rights to brands’ unique visual elements
  3. Associating the product or service with a credible manufacturer ensures quality
  4. Promotes and markets products and services
  5. Counterfeit and copycat products are protected by this law
  6. Provides easier access to new markets and segments for a product
  7. Builds trustworthiness, credibility, and goodwill for the business.

Trademark Types

Various trademarks can be registered by companies or brands, including:

  1. Symbols, images, or 3D shapes
  2. Sound marks for audio formats 
  3. A combination of letters and numbers that represents a brand
  4. Brand name
  5. Graphics or logos

Trademark Application

The trademark can be applied for by any person, company, or legal entity that sells any product(s) or service(s). Moreover, trademark registration can take up to 24 months to complete. To highlight a trademark’s registration, companies can use the ® (registered symbol) after it is successfully registered. 

In addition, companies will receive a trademark registration certificate that guarantees legal protection. To continue to enjoy trademark protection, trademark holders must renew their registered trademarks every ten years from the date of filing.

Bihar Trademark Registration Documents

  1. Logo or trademark copy
  2. An applicant’s details 
  3. Registration specifications for goods and services
  4. In the application, indicate the date when the trademark was used
  5. If necessary, a power of attorney

Bihar Trademark Registration Process

Here are the steps involved in Trademark Registration in Bihar

  1. To determine the availability of a trademark, entrepreneurs should research and run public searches. In order to avoid rejection, applicants should check to see if identical trademarks are available before applying.
  2. In India, trademark applications must be filed with the Trademark Registry after choosing a trademark. In addition, they have an office in Kolkata. Additionally, businesses can now file applications online with the authorities. To ensure your application is error-free, it is advisable to consult a professional.
  3. On receipt of an application, the examiner scrutinizes it and conducts a formal examination for 12 to 18 months. The trademark is published in the Trademark Journal after it has been examined. 
  4. A trademark registration can be opposed during this time period. It is the applicant’s responsibility to defend their right to register the mark if an opposition arises.
  5. After a trademark application has been cleared by the Trademark Office, a registration certificate is issued, which allows you to use the ® symbol. To maintain protection, the applicant must renew the trademark every ten years.

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