GST Registration in Chennai

How to Get gst registration certificate in uttar pradesh ?

Chennai GST Threshold

Chennai, Tamil Nadu has raised the threshold value for registering individuals involved in the sole supply of goods to ₹40 lakhs. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, however, will require service providers to register for ₹20 lakhs. One can opt for voluntary GST registration even if a GST provider does not meet the threshold limits.

The GST state code for Tamil Nadu is 33, according to the GST state code list. GST state code 33 indicates a company is located in Tamil Nadu according to the first two digits of its GSTIN. Tamil Nadu’s Chennai does not allow firms that have crossed the threshold limit to operate without the GST state code.

Vakilsearch can help you in Chennai

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  • Your first and foremost step should be to contact Vakilsearch’s GST specialists to assess your GST requirements. 
  • In order to facilitate hassle-free GST enrollment, our GST specialists will ensure that all your paperwork and documentation are in order.
  • We will then guide you through the GST registration process and complete the entire process on your behalf so that you can acquire your ARN and GSTIN as soon as possible. 
  • In addition, the Vakilsearch team will assist with any compliance issues or physical verification difficulties that may arise during the registration process.
  • In addition, we can help you stay GST compliant even after registration by filing all of your returns for you.

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