How to become a Director of a company in india

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Introduction :

For a person to come a Director in Private Limited Company, he she requires a Director Identification Number( DIN Number). noise Number can be attained for any person over the age of 18 by applying to the DIN Cell. Learning Center provides further information about the procedure for carrying DIN in India. Here know about Director of a company

Able to join a corporation in India as a director

Section 157 of the Companies Act states that a person must be at least 21 times of age to come eligible to be a director. So this is the first obligatory criterion. This isn’t to say that people below that age can not be competent. But the logic behind this is that a director must act as a company representative.

1. Register the Company: You will need to register your company with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). This process includes submitting an application for the registration of the company, along with the necessary documents and fees.

2. Obtain Director Identification Number (DIN): All directors of a company must obtain a Director Identification Number (DIN) from the MCA. This is a unique 8-digit number assigned to every director of a company.

3. File Forms with the MCA: After registering your company, you will need to file various forms with the MCA. These forms include Form DIR-12 which is the form for the appointment of a director, Form DIR-8 which is the form for the declaration of compliance with the Companies Act, and Form DIR-2 which is the form for the particulars of directors and key managerial personnel.

4. Hold Meetings: Once the forms are filed, the directors of the company must hold regular meetings to discuss the functioning of the company and make decisions.

5. Fulfill Other Requirements: The directors must also comply with other requirements of the Companies Act such as filing annual returns and other documents.

6. Obtain Licenses and Permits: Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to obtain various licenses and permits from the relevant authorities.

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