Find A Company Based On Its GST Number

format of gst number

In order to cross-verify a GSTIN’s authenticity and credibility, you need its GSTIN number. Find out how!

It is important to verify a company’s reliability before developing a working relationship with it. On the surface, most businesses appear attractive even though they only advertise positive and basic information. Knowing the company’s people, products, and track record increases your chances of receiving what you paid for. Verifying a company’s GST number is the best way to verify that it is actually who it claims to be and being run by the people it claims to be. What are the steps toward verifying a company’s GST number? What information can you get from a company’s GST number? Find out how.

GST Identification Number: What Is It?

GSTIN is the new system for combining registration numbers for numerous indirect taxes, including excise taxes, service taxes, and VAT. Each GST registered individual is given a GSTIN, which is 15 digits long, based on their PAN. Taxpayers also receive it once the GST registration process is completed. It appears on all invoices sent and received by registered taxpayers and organizations.

Format for GST Numbers

Below is a breakdown of the GSTIN format:

  • A state code is represented by the first two numbers. States have their own codes. The state code for Telangana is 36, while the state code for Tamil Nadu is 33.
  • The PAN number is required of taxpayers registered for GST.
  • The thirteenth digit, or entity code, is determined by how many registrations a state has.
  • ‘Z’ is the default for the penultimate digit.
  • The last digit might be an alphabet or a number. A check code may also be used.

GST Numbers: How To Find Companies By Them

Verifying a company’s name and validity- 

The GSTIN can be used to verify the following:

  • Name of the company in legal terms
  • Company headquarters
  • Places where the company operates
  • Jurisdiction of the state
  • Center of jurisdiction
  • Registration date
  • Corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships are all types of business structures
  • Registration type
  • Status of GSTIN / UIN
  • When the cancellation was made (if applicable)

Here’s The Bottom Line

For a faster GSTIN, hire a professional. These professionals have unparalleled expertise when it comes to GST-related issues and difficulties. Professionals can assist you with completing your GST registration.

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