Find Out How to Register Import Export Codes in 5 Easy Steps

Which Are Some Important EPCs in India?

One must be able to think quickly in today’s competitive environment to succeed. Every company wants to expand and improve in order to reach beyond its borders. Various steps need to be taken in order to achieve this. Organizations that conduct business outside their own borders need approvals and import-export codes.

Import Export Code Online is meant to prevent the same thing from happening again because of the increase in illegal products entering India’s waters. It has been decided that IEC records of companies who have not updated their info since 2005 will be deleted in an effort to prevent illegal items from being imported.

Is an Import Export Code necessary?

It issues an import-export code, which is a ten-digit code, to the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade). An IEC code is valid for a lifetime. Without the IEC code, it is impossible to run an import-export business.

A business is unable to import or export items required by enterprises if it does not possess the IEC code. Exporters merchants cannot apply for DGFT benefits such as export plans, etc., without an Import-Export Code. Importers merchants cannot import products without an IEC.

What are the benefits of Import Export Codes?

  • Import-export operations require the use of Import Export Codes. Document proving that you are allowed to do specific trades outside your home country. Raw commodities cannot be exported or imported for commercial purposes without IEC.
  • Companies that deal with imports and exports of goods rely heavily on IEC codes. For any business that involves imports and exports, an IEC certificate is essential. This ensures a more efficient flow of commerce. In the case of imports, it is required by customs authorities.
  • This is required by the bank in order for funds to be transmitted during imports.
  • Export shipments also require an IEC.
  • An exporter requires an IEC code to receive funds in a foreign currency. This will ensure that the funds are sent to his account immediately.

How do I obtain an Import Export Code?

Anyone can register to obtain an IEC code for an import or export business in five simple steps. Registration for an IEC Code involves the following five steps:

  • Filling out forms based on a person’s business type and applying for an IEC Code, along with making payments, are necessary.
  • Consultation & Documentation: The individual will be contacted by the IEC Code registration specialist after completion of the payment in order to assist in the process of gathering the appropriate documents.
  • Uploading documents: Once all the documents have been collected, they are uploaded to the digital platform for processing.
  • Examination of the application: The authorities will review the application when they receive it and the supporting documents.
  • Following a satisfactory evaluation and inspection by the authorities, the business will receive an IEC Code, which they can use to operate their import-export business.


Import Export Licenses are essential for certain companies dealing in import and export under certain conditions. By regulating import and export of goods and services in the country, the regulation is intended to promote transparency and regulate import and export of goods and services. For businesses involved in imports and exports, you can track both revenue and progress.

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