Registration Process for GST in West Bengal

GST Revocation: Everything You Need to Know

GST in west bengal is charged throughout the supply chain, from manufacture to final consumption, with a set-off for taxes paid earlier. Including freelancers, all Indian service providers and suppliers are included in the supply chain. We also consider discounted items. It is ultimately the customer who will bear the burden of taxation. Every person involved in the provision of goods or services is required to register under the new Goods and Services Tax regime.

Small businesses benefit from GST because it reduces their tax compliance costs. As a result of GST implementation, start-ups and small businesses have more time to improve their operations and explore new opportunities.

West Bengal GST Threshold Limit

West Bengal raised the threshold for selling goods to $ 40 lakhs following the 32nd GST Council meeting. Meanwhile, West Bengal’s threshold requirements for service providers have remained unchanged at $20 lakh.

West Bengal is represented by GST state code 19. State code 19 is the two-digit code for West Bengal. A taxpayer’s GSTIN number in West Bengal starts with these two digits. A taxpayer’s state of residence is determined by this code.

Using our GST Calculator India, you can calculate the amount of GST you owe before registering for GST.

Getting GST Registered as a Proprietorship/Individual: Basic Documents

·       A copy of your Pan Card

·       Card with Aadhaar number

·       A photograph that is the size of a passport

·       2 proofs of business addresses (electricity bill, property document, rental agreement, letter of consent from the NOC)

·       Checks and bank statements that have been canceled

·       Email Id.

·       Mobile No.

·       Name of business

·       Business activities description

The Bottom Line 

The GST Act also allows for a variety of GST registration forms. There are many options available for GST registration, so you should understand them before you decide. Get in touch with our experts to learn more!

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