Steps for Changing a Registered Office Address

Documents Required for Change in LLP Agreement

Business Possessors frequently need to know how to change their listed office addresses for a variety of reasons, including changing both the physical position of their trading demesne and the public information about their business. In practice, there are numerous reasons why one might need to know how to change the listed office address. In your case, the address may relate to a position in your real-world area or to a virtual mailbox – we’ll talk about these in further detail latterly.

When it comes to changing your company’s address, the process doesn’t appear particularly complicated in the face of effects. As a result, although the ineluctable filling out of the form is a fairly straightforward business executive task, there are many other considerations you should take into account when shifting your registered company.

A Company’s Business Address Can Be Changed under a Variety of Circumstances

In the following scripts, changing a company’s address makes sense

  • There will be no change to the UK government the office.
  • There’s no need for the public to know your current business address.
  • The current address shouldn’t be used by unpleasant callers or unasked correspondence.
  • You do not want your brand image to be spoiled by your current address.
  • Different addresses associated with a company need to be easily distinguished.

A Change of Address Requires Certain Documents

It’s necessary for you to give the following information when you apply to changing registered office address

  • It’s important that you give full details about your company( similar as its objectification type, for illustration. * Company Name * Limited)
  • establishment’s phone number
  • A full address for the newly listed office is handed below

In the event of a disagreement regarding the address, originals or clones of the following may be needed

  • mileage bills have been transferred to you in the last six months
  • Land registry records of deeds
  • A written agreement must be inked before using the address
  • Leasehold or freehold
  • Dates of inception and termination of a contract( written evidence)

Changing a Registered Office Address: Steps to Take

Follow the five steps below to quickly and easily update the address of your registered business.

Visit the Companies House Web filing page

Go to the government portal and choose “Start now” to notify the agency online.

On the same page, candidates will also find directions for applying in other ways and vital information (software or post).

Email Us and Enter Your Password

You can utilize Companies House’s web filing service to provide information about the firm in addition to filing its annual statement, returns, member information, etc.

The Information Must Be Entered

Make sure to enter the new and old addresses in accordance with the directions.

Put Your Changes in

After confirming and verifying the information you’ve supplied, send the modifications for processing.

Await Receipt of the Confirmation Email

After you receive the confirmation email, check your company’s details on the site a few days later.

For the duration of the company’s existence and for 20 years after its dissolution, the public register still lists your old registered office addresses.

If you submit a Self Assessment tax return, HMRC should also update your information.

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