Steps To Follow To Create A Company

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You are thinking of creating a company or setting up a business. What are the necessary steps? In the following article, we will explain what the most important stages of the process for the company registration.

Steps to Create a Company at the Legal Level

Choose the Legal Form

If you have already decided to create your own company, the first thing you have to do is give it shape. You must choose the legal form you want to apply. There are many legal forms (Limited Company, Cooperative Company, etc.), and you can consult them all on the company creation portal of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism.

Request Negative Certification of Social Denomination

This is a procedure prior to registration in the commercial register, in which the negative certification of the company’s corporate name must be requested, that is, make sure that the name of the company is neither assigned nor reserved. by another company. This procedure is optional if it is an individual or self-employed entrepreneur, but mandatory for the rest of the legal forms. You can request this certificate through the website of the Central Mercantile Registry or in person at one of its offices.

Incorporate the Company Before a Notary

All the partners that constitute the company must sign the Public Deed of incorporation of the Company before a notary. This procedure is prior to the registration of your company in the Mercantile Registry.

Obtain the NIF of the Company

The NIF is the tax identification number of your company in the Tax Agency. At first, they will give you a provisional NIF and in a few months, you will get the definitive one.

Register the new company in the Mercantile Registry

It is necessary to register the company in the Provincial Mercantile Registry. The company must be registered in the provincial registry where it is domiciled. The cost of registration is based on rates approved by the Government that are published in the BOE.

Registration in the IAE

It is a local tax levied on the exercise of business, professional or artistic activities. It is mandatory to register for this tax, although companies with a turnover of less than one million euros are exempt from payment.

Book of companies

For the creation of the company, it is necessary to legalize the Book of minutes, inventories, Book of annual accounts, and Daily Book in the Mercantile Registry of the province in which the activity will be carried out.

Register the company with Social Security

It will be necessary to register with Social Security, either the administrator or the worker partners, depending on the legal form chosen.

Start of the Activity

Once the company is established, having the definitive NIF, we will present to the Tax Agency Form 036 to communicate the start of the activity, and all the data of the company, such as the date of incorporation and registration, personal data of all the partners, the type of administrator and the social participation of each partner.

Thus, you might have got the necessary aspects for establishing the new company. Start your work for building your brand!

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