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Mistakes to Avoid When Trademarking

Trademark Registration Documents – India: The basic idea of a trademark is to distinguish your products from those manufactured by your competitors using a denote or a trademark. It is common knowledge that trademarks are the legal term for the term ‘intellectual property. You can also say that Trademarks can typically be described as the sum of a name, word, phrase, logo, design, image, or combinations of these elements. A trademark is a method by which one can identify the owner of the trademark for a specific product or service.

Exactly how do trademarks get registered?

Compliance with the Trade Marks Act, 1999 is a prerequisite for filing a trademark application. Registering a trademark or registering a logo/brand allows you to protect your brand or logo from being copied or used by others. Registering a trademark gives you ownership rights over a logo, name, or brand. An enterprise or individual who wishes to protect their logo against unauthorized usage needs to register their trademark in India. Registering the trademark will give you the right to sue a person who infringes the trademark. Additionally, registering a trademark will give the owner the exclusive right to use it on his or her products.

Registration of trademarks – its importance / necessity

Trademarks provide you with the tools to defend your brand and prevent someone from copying it for their gain. One person’s trademark allows others to recognize his or her goods or services by their shape, their packaging, or a combination of colors. We would like to discuss more reasons for the importance of trademark registration in India.

Assets of value

Trademarks are valuable assets for businesses. This means that these assets will continue to appreciate over time due to their inherent attributes. It is important to remember that as your business grows over time, the value of your trademarks will also increase automatically. Accordingly, this will mean that as the value of the trademark increases in your business, it is also going to increase in value.

Brand protection

Registered trademarks give the owner of the brand, name, or logo exclusive rights. Registered trademarks are protected from unauthorized use by third parties. Having a registered trademark demonstrates that the product belongs exclusively to you, and you can use, sell, and modify it in any way you desire.

Brand uniqueness

It is important that a brand that is unique and distinctive is registered as every business needs to have a brand that stands out, and differentiates its brand from others. In other words, a registered trademark gives your brand its unique identity.

Using a simple communication tool

Yes, trademarks may prove to be a highly effective and easy way to communicate with customers. The evidence speaks for itself. If you have a registered trademark, your product can be easily identified as belonging to that brand. You can easily identify an Apple product, for example, when you see a silver half-bitten apple on any device, whether it be a laptop or a phone, by looking at its color and the half-bitten mark.

It is easy for customers to find

Having a registered trademark makes it easier for customers to find the product. Due to the trademarks that are registered being an effective tool with a unique identity, you can easily trace your products and customers can easily find your products.

There is no end to trademarks

A trademark once registered can last an eternity. Registrants receive the right to use the trademark for the rest of their lives. However, the trademark registration will need to be renewed after every 10 years to remain valid. This identity, however, remains forever, even if the trademark registration is renewed.


Trademark Registration permits the owner of the trademark to receive an exclusive right and to distinguish his or her product from that of other companies offering similar products. In many cases, the trademark serves as an intangible asset that protects the owner of the brand for a long period. A trademark is an exclusive right that the holder has to use a particular word, logo, and slogan. Brand protection and brand safety are key in a market such as India, where the importance of brand security is paramount. There is, therefore, no compulsion, but instead, it is essential to have a trademark registration in India out of necessity rather than out of compulsion.



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