What is a Public Limited Company?

One of the methods used by a company to raise money for long-term investment is stock selling. Equity is a part of a company’s investment. This is called share, stock, and equity in English. Read more to get to know about the online company registration in delhi

A sole proprietorship company is a sole proprietorship company that invests in a business or a partnership company.

A sole proprietorship/partnership company is also called a firm. The person who invests in this firm and manages and manages the company is one or a few. There is no difference between the company and the investor.

When a company invests and trades in shares from multiples, it is called a joint-stock company, a public limited company.

Those who invest in it will be different and those who run the company will be different. He runs the company through a Board of Directors and explains the growth of the company at the annual shareholder meeting.

The Board of Directors is solely responsible for the problems that occur in the company and the shareholders are not responsible. Further, the profit and loss incurred by the company will be divided according to the share size of the shareholders. Many of these companies are called joint-stock companies because they have joint ventures, and public limited (liability) companies because the shareholders’ liability is within a certain definition.

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