What is Salary Certificate?

A salary certificate is a document issued by the company with information regarding an employee’s salary and employment details upon the employee’s request. In addition to verifying the employee’s employment status, the salary certificate is signed by an authorized employee from the company (usually in human resources, administration, or accounts).

Format of an Annual Salary Certificate

Salary certificates can come in different formats, and most companies have their own. However, if they don’t, you can use the below salary certificate sample. It should have the following information:

  • Employee’s name
  • ID number of the employee
  • Addresses of employees
  • Recruiting date
  • The designation
  • In the department
  • Salaries broke down by category
    • All Allowances in one list
    • All deductions listed
  • Whether you are employed temporarily or permanently
  • A list of Authorized Signatories with contact information

Frequently Asked Questions about Salary Certificate Format

What is the difference between a salary certificate and a form 16?

The information contained in Form 16 and Salary Certificate is very similar, though they serve different purposes. For example, Form 16 provides details of the tax deducted and deposited with the IRS. In addition, it provides a breakdown of salaries and all tax calculations.

The salary certificate is normally one page long, and it contains details of your present salary as well as proof that you are still employed by the company. In contrast to Form 16, which can only be issued after the end of the financial year, this certificate can be issued anytime during the year. As this is the latest information and verifies your employment status, many banks require a salary certificate for loans.

Can anyone issue a salary certificate?

An employer can provide you with a salary certificate upon request. The HR department, the accounts department, or the administrative department may handle this. Many large organizations provide online salary certificate generation.

Salary certificates can be signed by whom?

The salary certificate needs to be signed by an authorized person within the organization. It could be a supervisor or HR representative. The person who signs the salary certificate needs to provide his or her correct contact information.

For government employees, how can I get my salary certificate?

You may be able to generate your salary certificate online through the internal employer portal. You will have to contact the Human Resources department if you are unable to do so.

What are the steps to get a salary certificate after resigning?

It is possible that you may need to request a salary certificate after resigning from the company. To do this, you must contact HR, Accounts, Administration or your immediate ex-boss with an application form.

For cash salaries, how do I get a salary certificate?

It is the same process for salary certificates regardless of whether the salary is paid in cash. Simply submit an application form to HR, Accounts, or Administration to request it.

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